Robotic Spine Surgery & Augmented Reality

Robotic & CT Navigated Spine Surgery

Robotic spine surgery & CT Navigated surgery – are both precise ways of performing spinal fusion surgery. With the robot the surgeon relies on the robot for targeting and placement of screws in the spine. Similarly with CT Navigation, the surgeon uses a CT scan to target the screws but has more freedom to adjust.

Despite being minimally invasive these operations are still fusion procedures. This means hardware is being placed in the spine, joining bones together using screws, plates, or cages.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a remarkable advancement in minimally invasive spine surgery. Similar to virtual reality, it allows the surgeon to wear a headset that helps the surgeon place rods and screws in the spine.

The real benefit of augmented reality is that it is a more ergonomic way for a surgeon to perform surgery. The surgeon does not need to look away at a Xray, Computer, or other device. Instead the images of the patient is superimposed directly in view. This helps keep the surgeon focused.

Augmented reality is another way to perform a spinal fusion operation.

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