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Luigi Zeccardo

Dr. Zahir is the best. Truly a phenomenal doctor. He is extremely caring, sweet, and personable. He listens and answers questions without rushing you out the door. He does not rush for surgery and will take it in baby steps. I have seen many back doctors and speak from a place of knowledge. I have had multiple building disks and herniated. I finally decided to go with a endoscopic spinal discectomy as my life was in a constant state of pain and discomfort for years. Go see Dr. Zahir. Also the staff is just as wonderful.

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Samantha Horan

One of the most compassionate doctors I have ever talked too. He actually LISTENS to his patients and does physical exams to rule out deficits. Highly recommended!

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Angela Bieber

Dr. Zahir has truly been amazing throughout my entire experience with him. Not only is he extraordinarily skilled and the best in his field; but he is extremely attentive, caring, patient, so detailed and thorough when reviewing x-rays/MRIs and explaining treatment plan. He took the time to listen to me and what I wanted in regards to treatment plan when going over options. At the same time I was able to ask him a million and one questions and he would take the time to thoroughly answer each one of them without making me feel like I was asking too many or taking up too much of his time. He really showed what a compassionate doctor he is, how he cares for his patients and does not make them feel like they’re “just another chart” trying to rush them in and out. I also want to add that throughout my postop care he continued the same compassionate attentive care. He would personally reach out to check in on me every few days and if I had any issues whatsoever I was able to reach out to him and he would always respond very quickly to help me. Again, Dr. Z it’s truly the best and I would recommend him to anyone having any orthopedic spine issues. I also want to note that Dr. Z is able to perform the majority of his procedures endoscopically! I was able to have one of my two procedures done endoscopically. It was so minimally invasive, my incision was less than a centimeter and healing time was so fast! I am very thankful and feel so blessed that I was able to find Dr. Z. I’m still in the healing process from surgery, but I am doing wonderful and looking forward to continued healing! Thank you Dr. Z!!

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Denise Adams

I only have great things to say about Dr. Zahir, he is the most caring surgeon I know and I've been to many before I found him. Dr. Zahir is very professional, he's innovative, he's is intentional with how he medically takes care of your spine, he listens to you, he timely, he 's personable and he generally care about the well being of his patients. I would recommend Dr. Zahir to anyone in the DMV area!! He's a Winner!!!!

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Brazilian Jiu

I've had a total of 14 spinal shots in the past couple of years. So I know what it feels like. When I met Dr. Zahir, I was barely able to walk. The year prior I had a dual microdiscectomy on l4-l5 He ran a series of tests and sent me to get an MRI. After the MRI he noticed a fragment that had shot into my left canal and recommended a revised microdiscectomy. Had the procedure and my left side now feels like a teenager again. Complete relief. Amazing results. The problem though is that the right side (which hurt before just nowhere near the left). Again I came back and he suggested some PT and also had dry needling and chiropractic work as well. Unfortunately it was still bothering me and had to take Gabapentin for the pain relief. After trying things I asked if I could get a cortisone shot so that I can work (I'm a Brazilian JiuJitsu coach and student). I just wanted to feel normal on both sides. Yesterday Dr. Zahir performed a Transforminal Epidural steroid injection (using the same approach as he performs an endoscopic surgery). He administered the cortisone where he snakes a long needle along the path of pain into the spinal area of concern. Just one entry after a little numbing. On a pain scale for the cortisone procedure comparably: I would say ordinary cortisone shot administration 5/10. This new procedure 1/10. I left with no issues and when I got home it felt a little sore until about 8pm at night. I stood up and all of a sudden my back was perfect. Zero pain in either side. It's been since 2008 that I've felt this good. Hats off to Dr. Zahir and team at Metro Orthopedic. I highly recommend Dr. Zahir for your back issues. - Kevin Williams 52

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Robert Price

Doctor Zahir took a lot of time on my first appointment to discuss my condition, while going over a previous MRI, outlining treatment options, and writing prescription--all very clearly. Maybe COVID-related reductions in "demand" for sports-medicine injuries is allowing more time for doctor-patient consultations in general, but I appreciate the attentiveness of Doctor Zahir and the staff on this occasion.

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Audra Gollenberg

Fantastic surgeon!

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Monica Kaufman

Super nice doctor and best of all super professional and explained everything to perfection

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Haidor Kahloun

Simply Outstanding!

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Rattail22 Onxbox

Never broke a bone before. Absolutely impressed on how professional he was with answering all my questions. Usman was highly recommended and now I know why.

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Rattail22 Onxbox

Never broke a bone before. Absolutely impressed on how professional he was with answering all my questions. Usman was highly recommended and now I know why.

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Dwight Richardson

Dr. Zahir is a Very Caring Professional. Dr. Zahir doesn’t rush your visit and makes sure that you don’t have any questions pertaining to your care plan!

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Steven Morningstar

Dr. Zahir was Awesome. Very Patient, Kind, Supportive and extremely Knowledgeable. I have been treated by numerous Doctors over the last 9 years for Back/Leg and Neck issues and Dr. Zahir was fantastic and really took his time to help me. I appreciate him very much.

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Wayne Williams

I am a new patient with Dr Zahir and was extremely pleased with my first visit. I have been suffering with chronic pain for almost 20 years mostly from previous neck surgeries. After meeting with the doctor, he definitely felt that he could help. This is the first glimmer of hope I have had in many years. During our first visit, the doctor took time to explain all aspects of the procedures he would use in helping to alleviate my pain. The doctor took time and spent a lot of time with me. I left his office with a clear understanding as to what the next steps will be and I am looking forward to continued success with Dr Zahir.

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S Kerner

Can’t say anything but positive things about my experiences with Dr. Zahir. Good bedside manner, remembered all aspects of my case, perfect easy surgery. Feel so much better. Doesn’t go for drugs and invasive things first. Starts with exercises, best methods. Highly recommend.

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Helen Woodland

I was involved in a car accident October 25, 2019 which resulted in excruciating back and leg pain. I went to a Orthopedic Doctor who patiently worked with me to help relieve my pain without success. After 2 epidurals and several weeks of physical therapy, I was still in a lot of pain. My Doctor recommend that I go to Dr. Usman Zahir (Metro Orthopedics and Sports Therapy). Dr. Zahir read my MRI and immediately knew what was needed to alleviate the pain with my back and leg. A disc in my back was herniated and was touching a nerve. I had 2 epidurals which did not relieve the pain and I did not think a 3rd would remedy the problem. After talking to Dr. Zahir, I decided to go ahead with surgery to hopefully relieve the pain. I had in/out surgery on May 4, 2020. The morning I got out of recovery, I experienced NO PAIN. I was so happy because I suffered for 7 months and was finally relieved of my pain after Dr. Zahir performed surgery on my back. My experience with Dr. Zahir and his staff at MOST was great. Everyone was very helpful and took the time to help me through my pain. I would like to personally thank Pam for being so patient with me during the process. Dr. Zahir was the best!!! He took the time to sit down with me to explain what he was going to do to my back during the surgery. After he explained the procedure, I felt comfortable about having the surgery and I was not as nervous as before. My surgery was performed at Stone Springs Hospital Center in Dulles, VA. The hospital staff was the best. Everyone made me feel like I was the only patient there. The entire team was very attentive and professional. I have been in several hospitals during my 68 years and I must say that the entire experience with this surgery was the best. I want to thank Dr. Zahir and the MOST staff for making me feel comfortable during my procedure. I would also like to thank the staff at Stone Springs Hospital Center for the excellent care that they gave me during my surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Zahir to anyone who needs any kind of Endoscopic & Minimally Invasive Surgery. Thank you again Dr. Zahir for helping me through this ordeal. Thanks to you, I will be able to get back into the gym as soon as COVID-19 slows down.

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William English

Really excellent doctor who is at the forefront of the field. Provided outstanding explanations and was very helpful in answering questions, discussing options, and putting me in touch with additional resources. I'm grateful to have found him and would recommend him highly to others.

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David Allen

Incredible level of professionalism and dedication to patient well-being. Constant communication and availability pre and post-op. Knowledgeable, compassionate, and extremely caring. Thank you, Doctor Zahir, for everything.

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Great doctor. Dr. Zahir gave very clear explanation to my questions and provided good recommendation on my treatment.

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Philip Martin

Excellent job!

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Clarence Ford


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Dayton Eckerson

I am extremely happy with the medical care I have received from Dr. Zahir. His exam was very thorough and not rushed. He explained his findings to me in detail, patiently answered all my questions, and explained a variety of treatment options available to treat my back injury. I wish all my doctors were as attentive and caring as Dr. Zahir.

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Hue Huynh

Dr. Zahir was great. He spent his time understanding the issue and didn’t rush thru his diagnosis. Definitely recommend!

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Hany Sassy

Very nice place, Dr. Usman Zahir very professional and good Dr. I can trust

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Patrick Stewart

I had a very positive experience with Dr. Zahir and his staff. I was properly diagnosed and offered a less invasive treatment that addressed my problem. Communication, professionalism and bedside manner are all top notch. I would recommend Dr. Zahir and metro orthopedics to anyone.

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Jack &

Dr Zahir is always through and very positive ..

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Vincent Dabney

As a person who appreciates having information to make informed decisions, I totally appreciated the feedback from Dr. Zahir. He took time to both explain my spine issues in detail as well as respond to all of my questions.

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Karen Reid

Dr. Zahir listens to his patients and provides the best course of treatment

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Blackskulls Lisahale

Dr Zahir is always very attentive and explains everything in terms you get.

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Shiva Schilling

Dr. Zahir is an incredible doctor. We couldn't have asked for a more caring and understanding doctor. He spent a good 45 minutes with my husband and I about 2 weeks ago to go over my husband's MRI results and his treatment options. He was so patient and answered all of our questions. He just completed my husband's surgery at Stone Springs Hospital last night. Among hospital staff, he is known for being meticulous and a perfectionist which is exactly what were were looking for. He checked on my husband before surgery, he spoke with me after the procedure was done, came and checked on my husband again while he was in recovery, and checked on him two more times after we were moved to a room outside of the recovery section which was around 8:30pm. All of this for an outpatient procedure! The hospital staff couldn't stop complimenting him. They all had nice things to say about him and truly like working with him. Dr. Zahir, thank you for taking such good care of my husband!

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Juliana Hewitt

Dr. Zahir was very welcoming and knowledgeable. He broke everything down for me to understand. I didn't feel rushed and he answered all my questions. He made me feel very comfortable and that I was in good hands. I would definitely recommend him to anyone with back issues.

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Rangamani Murthy

The visit with Dr Zahir was something we all physicians have to learn. He was very through and explained everything to me and my husband.He surely fits that practice of wonderful Orthopedists

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Stefanie L

As I left Dr. Zahir’s medical practice yesterday, I was, once again immensely satisfied with his approach to taking care of his patients, by carefully listening to my concerns, and throughly answering all my questions in a very logical and easy to understand way. He really takes the time to explain all options available, the pros and cons, and makes you feel like you are in control of the way forward to find resolution to your medical problem, all while showing genuine concern, and a great deal of professionalism and expertise in his field. I would blindly recommend Dr. Zahir to anyone in need of help related to Spine issues and surgical procedures.

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Richard Chipkin

Excellent first visit. Very knowledgeable doctor and spends a lot of time explaining options.

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Sherry San

Attentive, experienced, communicative and on time!

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Kelly Tin

Simply the best and most thorough care for my L4-L5 and L5-S1 disc herniations! His expertise using the endoscope is minimally invasive and significantly reduces recovery time and minimizes scarring - as close to outpatient as one can get. MOST importantly pain relief is near instant! Went through months of pain beforehand via PT (heat, massage), chiro (traction), pain meds (to include opioids) and sciatic nerve injections - little to no efficacy. Can’t recommend Dr Zahir highly enough if you NEED pain relief!

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Donald Feige

Very pleased with the services rendered by Dr Zahir and the result. He has a wonderful demeanor, is very attentive and explains the malady, the results of the tests, his prognosis and the treatment thoroughly. Recommend him very highly

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Lisa Burnside

Dr. Zahir made himself available since the first phone call. He is thorough and competent. After having a simple, routine surgery, he checked on me everyday, morning and night, for as long as I needed him. I highly recommend him!

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Michael Cassesso

Dr. Zahir was friendly, patient and listened intently when I described my symptoms. He walked me through the likely reasons for my pain and what next steps will look like.He's clearly very good at what he does.

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Aaron Dzb

Dr Zahir has been excellent through the entire process. I feel so blessed to be working with a surgeon that is willing to go the extra mile or two to ensure that not only was my surgery a success, but also to keep the same high level standard of care post surgery. Though I hope my friends do not require his expertise, I have recommended him without reservation to multiple people I know. If ever I require additional surgeries that Dr Zahir covers, which unfortunately for me is likely, he'll be my number one choice.

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Aneela Waheed

One of the best doctors I ever saw.. pays full attention, time and advice. He is very patient, listens all the details and answer all the questions in detail.

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I am being evaluated for lower back surgery, 15 years of alternate pain and disconfort due to a stress fracture, I feel very comfortable with Dr Zahir....caring, focused and very well prepared. I have done my research about my condition, visited many doctors different countries and states. Highly recommend Dr Zahir.

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Kimberly Lord

Dr. Zahir has a great bedside manner along with a sense of humor. Having said that he is very thorough in his diagnosis. Looking at things from every angle to produce the best outcome. I really feel like he has my best interest in mind. Altogether, makes me less anxious and fearful.

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Simi Jackson

Absolutely amazing, he is very thorough. He made me feel comfortable answered ALL my questions. He honestly is very professional and knows his practice. He was transparent and helped me comprehend what was going on. I would give him 10 stars.

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Waylen Bray

I was pleased with my initial examination and consultation with Dr. Zahir. He is the 3rd Spine Surgeon I have consulted with in the past 3 months. In my opinion he is very knowledgeable, and insightful. He is a good listener and he took his time with me so as to fully understand my condition. Dr. Zahir looked at my MRI's and X-rays carefully and skillfully and came to the same conclusion as the previous two surgeons I saw, however... he also noticed something that the other two did not tell me about. We talked about a pain management plan for the short-term and hopefully the long-term... and we also had a good discussion about the possibilities of a future surgery and what that would entail. Although it is disconcerting to be dealing with this condition, I feel confident in Dr. Zahir's abilities, and his reputation, and look forward to moving forward in treatment under his care.

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Aditi Banerjee

Had all the traits a good doc should have -- patient focus, empathy, sympathy and wanting to help the patient in every possible way including assistance with setting up the next appointment with another doctor

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Michelle Smith

Best orthopedic surgeon I've ever met. Thank you for listening and explaining everything too me. I truly appreciate Dr. Zahir and staff.

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David Mcgowan

Very pleasant and knowledgeable, Dr Zahir reviewed my records, took a history and examined me. Then he took quite some time to explain and help me understand my situation. I'd come back to him if I ever need to.

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Betty Parker

I had surgery in March 2019. Super nice dr and very knowledgeable! Treated me like I was his only patient. Great bedside manor. Wonderful surgeon!

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Patrice Y

Patient, thorough, and personable. He gave me practical suggestions to mitigate damage done from sitting at my computer 12+ hours/day. Highly recommend Dr. Zahir.

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Tammy Hall

Hands down the best Doctor ever. I drove 2.5 hours to see him. When you are with him he treats you as if you are the only patient he has. He explains so clearly and honestly & truly cares.

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Jo Ann

I am not always comfortable going to the doctor, especially a new one at that, however, the staff and Dr. Zahir truly made me feel at ease as soon as I walked in. Most doctors are overbooked and do not take the time to fully assess and diagnose the problem, but Dr. Zahir spent what felt like a long time examining and assessing my problem, reviewing my x-rays in the room with me and my husband, and even tracking down a previously done MRI from a different doctor to go over that imagining and report with me, which a previous doctor from a different practice had not even done with me. Dr. Zahir answered all of my questions, and my husband's too, and we discussed the diagnosis and next steps together. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a spine specialist.

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Anthony Mcduffie

Very reliable

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